6 Things that Switzerland is Famous For

December 02, 2020

When we think of Switzerland, the first visuals that come to mind are the magnificent swiss alps, the lakes, rivers, and the mountains. Switzerland is one of them in which the aesthetic beauty of nature and landscapes have been filled to the brim. Yet nature is not the only determining factor of greatness for the country. There are a lot of other Things that Switzerland is famous for that make Switzerland what it is today.

Switzerland is one of the most diverse and united countries in the world. Switzerland is bound by culture, religion and language of various kinds. Switzerland happens to be the only country to have four national languages. The four national languages of Switzerland are French, German, Italian and Rumantsch. It is one of those seasons where you can enjoy all the seasons throughout the year.

As mentioned before, Switzerland is not just famous for its natural beauty but a lot of other things that constitute their culture and heritage. Let us now take a look at the most important of them all.

6 Things that Switzerland is Famous For

Things that Switzerland is famous for


1. War History

Let us start with what has made Switzerland one of the most peaceful countries in the World. It is the War History of Switzerland. The Swiss are famous for their non-interference policy. They have been a neutral country during wars which has paved the way for the economic stability of the country for centuries together. The Swiss were applauded for letting a peaceful passageway for countries to travel through during War. It is to be noted that Switzerland has not been involved in a war with any country since 1505.

 There is a reason as to why the country has always been admired by the world powers.



Adding on to the accolade of Switzerland and its War history, one of the other things the Swiss have to be given credit for is the ICRC. The ICRC is abbreviated as the International Committee of Red Cross which is an organization that had been set up for protecting and assisting the victims of the War. The organization was first set up in 1863 in Geneva. Since then the Swiss organization has been working with the victims of war worldwide.

Interestingly the inspiration for the organization came from the book A Memoire of Solferino written by Swiss entrepreneur Henry Dunant.


3. Swiss Watches

If you are a watch enthusiast and connoisseur like I am, you will understand the importance of Swiss watches and watchmakers in the world. Swiss-made watches are famous all over the world for their precision, engineering and class. With the excellent amalgamation of technology and aesthetics, these watches make for some of the most prized possessions in one’s life. Swiss watches are known for their wide range of variety, accuracy and quality. While some of the top watches might be in the high-end expensive list their value only increases with time and the return of investment if at all the person chooses to give it away is going to be multifold higher than the original retail price.

 Some of the most famous Swiss watchmakers are Rolex, IWC, Tag Heuer, Omega and Tissot.


4. Swiss Chocolates

If you even remotely love chocolates, you must be aware of the world-renowned Swiss chocolates. Switzerland is known to be the producer of one of the best chocolates in the world. The reason for this is also attributed to the fresh produce and milk that is produced right there in the country. The best milk and cream chocolates can be found here in Switzerland.

 Once tasted, it is hard to let go of the swiss chocolates.


5. Switzerland Cheese

Switzerland is home to some of the finest cheese in the world. It is said that the Swiss cheese is the finest cheese that can be found in the world. Switzerland is home to more than 450 indigenous varieties of Cheese

Swiss Cheese is said to be called so in the United States because of the Emmental shaped cheese from Switzerland. But as far as the Swiss people are concerned, all 450 varieties of cheese produced in Switzerland are called as Swiss cheese.


6. Banks

The infamous Swiss Banks are world-famous for obvious reasons. The banks of Switzerland are famous for their privacy policies. The Swiss banks do not disclose the name of the account holders even to the governments unless it is an extreme situation such as terrorism or fraudulent activities. The Swiss banks have a perception that they can be used to evade tax and launder money by celebrities and politicians. But contrary to popular belief, it is much preferred by commoners as well for the safety of the money thanks to the systems.

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